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New Year, New Body??

I looked at my Strava account yesterday and realised I hadn’t been on my bike for nearly 2 months. TWO MONTHS. Why? I have no idea. Maybe the weather, maybe a bad back, probably a combination of laziness and my camera obsession.

Anyway, that has to change. Recently I went for a yearly medical, which I always skipped in the past. This year I decided to go, mainly because 2016 sucked!! Influenza A and B, a huge back issue, plus other ailments. What I really wanted was the flu jab. Yahoo, with a slight cold after, I have skipped the great flu epidemics that have swept through my school a couple of times. BUT, my blood pressure was really high. I already knew it was. I bought a wrist monitor last summer to keep a track of it. It hasn’t come down. So now, I have to lose weight, have to exercise. No choice. I also have to eat better. 😦

So why wait for the first of January. Start now, and off I pedalled to a couple of shrines nearby. Just a gentle 25km to get back into the flow of things.

The first shrine I visited had a very friendly cat. Actually, it was a fertility shrine so there were massive phallic symbols around. I chose that one because it might remind me to stop being such a dick about my health.

The next shrine was completely new to me, it was getting ready for the new year celebrations. It was lovely. I think I will go back in spring.

So, a lovely ride to get back into the groove, pity it is winter and I might be tempted to quit due to the weather.

Here are my stats.