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Sunshine and Disappointment 

So for the first time in over a month, and with more bad weather on the way, there was a blue sky.

So with a friend in tow I set off for the mountain route I have been trying to climb. This was my goal for the current school year. I have not tried it for over a year due to issues I have already talk about, so I didn’t think I could do it. But try, try again.

The ride there was beautiful. We stopped for snacks at a local fruit and veg store.

I don’t think I have eaten a ripe fig before, it was delicious.

Then it was onto Fudo Pass. But NOOOooooo!

We shall not pass! My guess is that it has suffered a landslide in the torrential recent rain. To be honest, the road was never great. There were lots of pot holes and cracks. I never felt fully safe on the decent and always used my brakes.

But what to do now? I suggested a shrine, as I always do. On the way was a fantastic distraction.

This was probably the prettiest view I have seen in months. Thank you sunny sky, thank you closed road… though I hope you open again soon.

After a short picnic and rest went went home for ramen.

Here is the link to the map and stats. The flowers can be seen at the pond near the top left point.

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