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One Week In

Yeah!!!! One week in and my headaches from sugar withdrawal have gone, cravings have mostly gone except when I am reading a book and it describes the deliciousness of Krispie Kreme donuts. Damn you authors, tempting me to break my diet.

Anyway, I have run a bit, cycled a bit this week. This is me in all my fatness. I am putting it out there because this is a…get me back to fitness blog now, until I am fit enough to cycle further.

I look like a giant threw up on me. I also have the new giant shirt, but it is too small. So when you see me wearing that I will be ecstatic. 

Breakfasts: this week have consisted of egg white omelettes and salmon. To be honest I am always surprised when the salmon changes colour on cooking, mornings. 

Lunch: homemade soups, usually some meat and veggie cooked and whizzed with a hand blender. Whatever I see in the shop.

Dinner: whatever needs finishing in the fridge, but non carb, so no bread or rice, cookies or sweets, or fruit. Actually this week I took myself out for steak and wine.

I didn’t eat the corn. I couldn’t remember if it was on my “yes” list.

Snacks: cheese, little dried fish, squid pieces, nuts.

This is one time living in Japan helps, there are lots of weird snacks if you are brave enough.

And totals for the week. I have lost 2kg, I am stoked, amazed and happy with that.