Yuck and Naked

I just went through my clothes and have a new fat box. A place with all the clothes that don’t fit. It is bigger than my actual wardrobe. Yuck. It is so annoying because I just got rid of the box and any big clothes. Just as in four months ago, just before I returned to the uk.

School starts on Wednesday. I think I will have to go naked for a month. Do you think I will get into trouble?

I really need to get back on the bike. I walked 10km the other day and have had blisters on my baby feet for a few days, I rarely get blisters from cycling. I only have to think about walking or running sometimes and my feet break out in sympathy blisters. I went for a photo walk and ended up far away. I have got a new hobby. Buying junk cameras, testing them, try to fix them, sell them (maybe). I do end up keeping more than I sell. All film. I even made a new blog. cameragocamera.wordpress.com

The new hobby is keeping me away from the bike. Film cameras are heavy and not made for biking. So I have been putting exercise on a back burner.

The problem is I am actually busy tomorrow so can’t get out. Treadmill? Well it is either treadmill or get arrested sometime soon.


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  1. Get a backpack to keep your cameras in… add some foam for protection to keep them from banging into each other.


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