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Self Sabotage and Decaffeinated Coffee

This was not a good week and I was doing so well. I tried reintroducing carbs too early and then ate all the sweets in my house. It is not as bad as previous attempts to lose weight. I did not go and buy bread and eat tons of toast, my favourite food. I just ate what I had been given. I guess I just can’t have forbidden fruit nearby. I also only ran once and didn’t cycle at all. To be fair it is pretty cold outside and did rain very heavily this week. I just feel I didn’t do as well as I wanted to.

Altogether I have lost 5kg and other 4kg to my first goal. I realised though, that at some point I alway sabotage my own efforts. I have no idea why I do that. Nobody can lose weight but me, nobody can sabotage it but me.

To find some positive, I have found I like decaf coffee and that is helping me control some things. It is tricky to buy here and a friend told me that the best places to buy it are baby stores. Who knew? Apart from pregnant ladies that is. It is a little more expensive there, amazon is much cheaper.


Bumble Butt and Expenses

I have managed to stay on track this week despite a foray into Japanese Pub territory. I even turned down a drink someone had bought me because it was full sugar coke not diet. It takes a bit of umph to say no to a ready bought drink, but I knew my friend wouldn’t mind and there were others happy to drink it. I have also been out on my bike a bit and got up early to run. The results are that I have lost another 2kg and not had any cravings or hunger.

On the way back from the pub I had to use my old bumble bike to traverse the 7.5km home as I had an alcoholic drink earlier in the evening and Japan is zero tolerance. Though I know this applies to bikes as well, my thoughts are thus. I was not inebriated, I live in the middle of nowhere and use rice field roads, it was 1am and probably wouldn’t meet another vehicle, it was cold and didn’t want to sleep in my tiny car, my friend offered to let me use the old bumble bike……NEVER AGAIN.

  • Bikes are supposed to glide downhill, this one did not. This bike said,”Oh you stopped pedalling, you must want to stop?”
  • Bikes usually pick up speed when you pedal, this one did not, “Pedal like a mad woman, I refuse to go more than 5km.”
  • Bikes should be comfortable, “I am going to reform your butt into a mystery shape that spells pain.”
  • Bikes should be able to go uphill in a lower gear, “forget it, I ain’t going up no hill, nope, no way.”

I almost gave up and went back to my car. I learnt my lesson, bumble butt received.

Oh I love my Kendama bike (just ’cause I put a sticker on it). It glides downhill with a whoosh of delight. You can pack it to the brim with stuff and it says, “yeah baby load it up, I will still get you up that hill, you can even put eggs on top and I will protect them with my life.”


So, I used my bike to go grocery shopping this week to help with the fitness plan. And what the hell is with the price of healthy eating. I have never spent so much on food in my life. I know in Japan fruit and veggies can be ridiculously priced but still…$2 for 8 sprouts?? Hey, let’s make the fruit and veggies really expensive, but supersize the eggs.

Well, I guess it is all worth it. I have lost 4kg, have more energy and whopping big eggs for breakfast.


One Week In

Yeah!!!! One week in and my headaches from sugar withdrawal have gone, cravings have mostly gone except when I am reading a book and it describes the deliciousness of Krispie Kreme donuts. Damn you authors, tempting me to break my diet.

Anyway, I have run a bit, cycled a bit this week. This is me in all my fatness. I am putting it out there because this is a…get me back to fitness blog now, until I am fit enough to cycle further.

I look like a giant threw up on me. I also have the new giant shirt, but it is too small. So when you see me wearing that I will be ecstatic. 

Breakfasts: this week have consisted of egg white omelettes and salmon. To be honest I am always surprised when the salmon changes colour on cooking, mornings. 

Lunch: homemade soups, usually some meat and veggie cooked and whizzed with a hand blender. Whatever I see in the shop.

Dinner: whatever needs finishing in the fridge, but non carb, so no bread or rice, cookies or sweets, or fruit. Actually this week I took myself out for steak and wine.

I didn’t eat the corn. I couldn’t remember if it was on my “yes” list.

Snacks: cheese, little dried fish, squid pieces, nuts.

This is one time living in Japan helps, there are lots of weird snacks if you are brave enough.

And totals for the week. I have lost 2kg, I am stoked, amazed and happy with that.

Good Start.

I did it, I started a diet and exercise program. And on a Wednesday, not a Monday. That is an accomplishment in itself. Not going to go into too many details about that as there are so many out there and many debunkers of all regimes. Basically I am reducing carbs, increasing fresh veggies with 30 minutes of some for of exercise a day…even if it is just quick walking on the treadmill.

Today I cycled to buy fresh food. I as going to go in the car then laughed at myself…missed opportunity avoided. It was nice to be on the bike, even if I have only missed it a week. Plus I took the advice of and got a soft cover for my cameras too. That means I can cycle somewhere with a camera without it digging in my back or worrying  to much about damage.

It’s super and sticks to itself, fits all shapes and sizes.

Only problem is work starts tomorrow so will have to wait to try it out properly.

Yuck and Naked

I just went through my clothes and have a new fat box. A place with all the clothes that don’t fit. It is bigger than my actual wardrobe. Yuck. It is so annoying because I just got rid of the box and any big clothes. Just as in four months ago, just before I returned to the uk.

School starts on Wednesday. I think I will have to go naked for a month. Do you think I will get into trouble?

I really need to get back on the bike. I walked 10km the other day and have had blisters on my baby feet for a few days, I rarely get blisters from cycling. I only have to think about walking or running sometimes and my feet break out in sympathy blisters. I went for a photo walk and ended up far away. I have got a new hobby. Buying junk cameras, testing them, try to fix them, sell them (maybe). I do end up keeping more than I sell. All film. I even made a new blog.

The new hobby is keeping me away from the bike. Film cameras are heavy and not made for biking. So I have been putting exercise on a back burner.

The problem is I am actually busy tomorrow so can’t get out. Treadmill? Well it is either treadmill or get arrested sometime soon.