Upgraded and Serviced, Giant are Awesome

ok when I say upgraded, I don’t mean my whole Giant bike, I mean bits of it. A friend gave me some vouchers for a Trek shop, so I went for a look. The bikes were very expensive, the shoes were expensive, even the bags were expensive. So I used my vouchers to get new gloves and a new phone holder as mine were a bit tatty…but the bikes were beyond my meagre finances.


Just up the road was a Specialized shop too, today would be a cycle to all the cycle shops day. The Trek shop was friendly, but basically I was left alone to wander about. It was posh and a bit expensive. The Specialized shop also seemed to be expensive, not so friendly either.

So I decided to cycle to the Giant shop, I do have a giant bike after all and I thought, well I can’t get a new bike, but I can get some new handlebar tape. Plus my gears had been jumping a little so a service was a possibility too. When I walked into the shop I was immediately approached by a friendly staff member, so I took advantage. I tried on some shoes, I asked questions and all the time the staff were great. In the end I bought the shoes, new pedals, handlebar tape, and got my bike serviced. It’s not even a special bike, just an older model, a bit beaten up too. But the staff treated me like I had bought a pro bike. I love Giant.         

I knew the old pedals were stuck, I tried to take them off before and failed miserably. The Giant staff did it and said the thread was broken, but it is ok now. There were a few other things that needed addressing, but they did it all for the $30 service.

Now, I have never used clip on shoes before and was a little nervous. But again Giant service was awesome. They put my bike on a stand and gave me training. They made sure I could clip and unclip before I left the shop. They told me how to do it safely. On my 10km journey home I did not have a single issue and loved my spanky new stuff. I even gave my bike a wash.


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