Kasumigaura Circuit

Yesterday I finally had nothing to do so I decided to complete a goal I had set at the beginning of the school year, cycle around the main part of Lake Kasumigaura. I had cycled the smaller section before, but this part is about 97km around.

Here is the activity information.

Setting off from the park I felt great, but had a nagging feeling of, “what the hell and I doing, I have only cycled 50km recently.’ My English brain said, “it’s fine, it’s flat…a kids could do that.”

I started at Kasumigaura Park, free parking, toilets, windmill…what more could you want? It was busy, by 9am the car park was full. Luckily I have the world’s smallest car and could squeeze in a reduced size bay.

I had a bit of a wander around the park then headed anti-clockwise, against my nature but I had been that way before for about 30km along. A little way up from the park is Yokaren Peace Memorial Museum. I haven’t visited there yet, but a friends says it is very interesting. It has information about kamakazi pilots who set off from this area.

A little further away I arrived at this hill. It is next to a shrine. Being the start of the trip I felt fit and ambitious. Last time my friend tested himself by trying to get to the top. I failed miserably. So I decided to try again.


…and failed again, worse. My back tyre slipped on the green stuff, I put my foot down to stop myself falling, got a cramp in my other foot. Decisions, hit the deck and stretch calf or stay upright a deal with the pain. Nothing in it, hit the deck. I ended up with my bike hitting my knee which I knew would leave a big bruise. I carried on with the ride, nursing my pride.


At the 30km mark you get to a 7/11, which is the furthest I have been on the trip before. Time for breakfast and look at a swallow nest that had some fledging chicks…duck and avoid incompetent chicks. At this point I met a group of about 10 riders also doing the trip. And, see the lady getting out of the car, a parent from my school. The car is full of students from my school too. I was suddenly a star and got lots of attention.


After avoiding birds and minding my manners it was back on with the trip.    

I got a new shirt on eBay 🙂 it caused a lot of stares along the way.


The road around the lake is mostly like this, with very few cars. A couple of times you have to via away from the lake, but basically you have a 90km+ safe route. Not many places in the world you can say that.


At around 50km there is a great place to stop for lunch and a dip in a foot onsen. The pizza was delicious. 



Here is a location picture. I am using the iPhone app, so a map dot is tricky.

The foot bath was great. And now for the second half. 

To help me get through it I split the whole thing up into 15km segments in my head. I watched an interview with Bradley Wiggins and he said he did that for the hour challenge. Ok, so about 7 segments, I had done 3 and was on the fourth. Just 15km I could do that. I passed the group again at this point, one of them had a puncture. I realised with dread I didn’t have a puncture kit on me, stupid, fingers crossed is not the best strategy.

I was fine until the 80km mark. At that point I realised I had never cycled this far before and my butt really started to complain. The last segment was awful and I cursed everyone and everything.

Finally I managed to get back to the park. I sat/lay down on a bench and texted a friend. Then I looked at the GPS, 98km.


98!! Ok I had to do 2 more, had to. But then the strava challenge this month was 115km, could I do that?? By God I would try. And I did. I now had the right to buy this shirt. Earned the right.

It is $120, not sure though. My very shaky legs say I earned it, my wallet and brain says my skeleton shirt is fine. Not sure I will ever earn another though.

I am incredibly proud of myself so I might get it. I cycled 117km or 70miles in 6.5hours. 

I put on 50spf suncream and still have lovely farmer’s arms.  

The next day the only thing that really hurts is my new bruise from the fall.  

But at least it is a heart 🙂


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