Return to Ushiku and a puppy update

School broke up today and my plan was nothing more than going home, relaxing and drinking beer for the rest of the day. I have a little issue with just relaxing, I need to be doing something. So I thought, I could cycle to Ushiku and be back home in time for beer before it gets dark. It was a lovely day, blue skies, very little wind. That sealed the deal. Plus I just found a forever home for the puppy, now named Juno and was curious about the other one. Could I help that one too?

So, off I set. Firstly the second puppy was nowhere to be seen, neither was the old man. Around the area I could no longer see a water or food bowl, so my thought is that he found another home for the pup. I hope anyway.

The ride was great. I didn’t follow the same route as my last trip as I didn’t want to end up on the busy road again. I used the Google iphone app to find a walking route and mostly followed that, but took some detours knowing that the Google app would reroute almost instantly.

Along the route many trees were covered in wisteria. I love cherry blossom season, but it often seems man made or influenced. But wisteria just grows naturally on the trees, it is a purple extravaganza. I was just teaching my students about the history of purple and this was in my mind when I saw these gorgeous flowers.

The route is pretty much the same as my last post so I won’t repeat myself here. I will post some new pictures though. Also I used the iPhone app for this post only. It is easy to use but does post larger sized  pictures.



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