Good Intentions

I packed everything last night, check the bike, pumped the tires and off I set. I was hoping for a 50km+ day. Just over 6km in my front tire went flat as a wet fart. I started walking back, giving up. Then I thought, NO. I packed a puncture kit for a reason and it is the front tire. So I popped off the wheel and started to take off the tire and remove the tube. I scrapped my knuckles, swore, and got it off. No visible problem. I pumped it up and listened, felt. No problem and it stayed up. Hmph.

I put it back on and pumped it back up. Five minutes later it was flat again. Maybe a valve issue which I can’t fix yet, or I have no idea. So I called a friend and got a lift home. I will try again tomorrow. Anyway it did give me a chance to use the phone app for WordPress.

Now I am walking around Ushiku Nature Sanctuary with cycling pants on. At least I remembered to take off my helmet before getting in the car.




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