Clean bike speedy bike.

I took my white bike for a service today. Since I had the tubes replaced the brakes have been a bit loose and the chain slipped when I pushed hard up hill. Reading online let me know I probably needed a new chain or cog-thingies. The super bike guy said the chain was stretched..actually he said, “チェーンが伸びている” and I went, “eh?” And a handy friend translated for me. So a few hours later I went to pick it up…and wow, it looked like a new bike!
He had cleaned the whole thing…take a peek…

The axel-thingy

The sprockety-thingy

The brake holding thingy..I am so technical today.

He even cleaned and oiled the rusty bolt holding on my re-moveable back rack.


I was so impressed that I went for a little jaunt around the area, just 7km, and I decided to rename my bike speedy. I even got a wave from a passing cyclist, I mean a proper cyclist with shorts and top and everything. That doesn’t happen often here.

I am definitely going for a ride tomorrow. Thank you handy Japanese service man.


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  1. May I ask, how much was the bike service?


    • Often small jobs are free. He will adjust stuff free, but if it includes part then he starts to charge. But it is really inexpensive. I have been to a few different places and they are all very reasonable. I can’t remember exactly how much this was..but around 10,000yen..including all parts and labour..


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