Welcome to the BumbleBike!

Gosh this is bright and yellow…just like my bike! I decided seeing as I have a nice portablish bike and I want to get fitter and do more stuff and blah, blah, blah then this is the perfect subject for my new blog. I was looking for a theme as I finished the last blog which you can see here.


The theme of this blog is the bike, not gods or specific places, just the bike. Actually it might be a other bikes too, but for now it is a yellow one…you never know what can happen to a bike or a person.

yellow bike

The Bumble Bike

I bought the bike on a whim thinking I could take it on trains and travel around. Turns out 11kg is light at the beginning of the day, but oh so heavy at the end. Plus putting it in that tiny bag is a pain in the ***. So actually I think I have only taken it two places on the train…but oh wait thinks I..I have a car. I can actually fit it on my back seat, even though my car isn’t much bigger. That opens up a whole new world (well, probably 100-200km). No packed trains, no packed bag. The world is my bumblebike. Let the journeys begin…maybe?!



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